Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More dilemmas from the land of dirt-cheap yarn

This is what happens to women who are too poor to pay for proper yarn and too obsessed with flea markets to say no to bad bargains. I was wandering around the flea market at Boxhagener Platz in east Berlin last Sunday and found this extraordinary mass of lilac yarn. Now, of course, at a flea market, you can hardly whip out a lighter and demand to carry out a burn test on the spot, surrounded by old newspapers and various other flammable goods. But it was only €1.50, so who cares, right?

Once I got the peculiar pie-like object home, the test suggested, unsurprisingly, that it's acrylic. Possibly with a slight odour of burning wool around the edges, but mostly pure itchy plastic.
So what to do? I was lusting after the pattern on the left in this edition of Rebecca, and swatched it for the lace, but it's a touch too fine. And anyway, the thought of acrylic lace anywhere next to the skin... urrgh.

I should, I suppose, give it up. Alas. But it was SO CHEAP! How can I part with the prospect of a fabulous €1.50 FO?


neelia said...

Horray for knitting blogs! I suggest using it two strands together to make a bag or purse of some sort/bookmarks/a hat or beret. It looks a pretty nice colour for a beret. You could put a felt lining around the brim to help keep its shape and keep the acrylic off your skin.

la glitz said...

Oooh, that's a good idea! There's vast amounts of it; I could make berets for ALL my friends.