Sunday, June 18, 2006

die Sonne über Berlin

Hooray! I have cast on for Soleil in the ggh Molina cotton, and it's going to be gorgeous. The yarn is so silky and soft and light, I can't wait to wear it.
(Some use fancy beaded stitch markers. Till the day when I can afford those, hair elastics do me just fine.)

In other good news, not once but two of my school friends have had baby daughters in the past two weeks. Thank goodness that I have that yellow cotton/viscose coming in the post this week; it'll make some luscious baby items. Now the fun part of deciding which.

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Anonymous said...

I'm about to make my first item of other people's baby clothes, also due to a sudden influx of friends/family with babies. Do you think there might be something in the water?

On the subject of stitchmarkers - any particular colour combination take your fancy? I've taken to making them like they're going out of fashion and would be glad to make and send you a set. You should be able to see some examples on my shiny new craft blog soon. :g: