Thursday, October 12, 2006

Birthday Fingers

Stripey fingers are the very latest sign of true maturity, you know

FO: Seaside Mittens

Pattern: Seaside, from Magknits

Yarn: Rowan Tapestry, 70% wool 30% soybean protein fibre, in colour 172 (120 m per 50g), one-and-a-tiny-scrap balls.

Needles: 4 mm bamboo circular

Pattern modifications: Well. No intended modifications. Granted, I could have read the pattern properly and realised that at every stitch marked place bead, it meant place bead, not place two beads. But hey! Twice the glitter!

I also may or may not have done some exercises in knitting-on-the-edge and seeing just how far the one ball of yarn would stretch, which means that the ring finger of the right hand is a teensy bit shorter than it strictly should be. But O well.

Time sucked:
Three days. Not too bad, right?


OK, gloves are always going to be fecky. That aside, it was a very clear pattern, and little was more satisfying than striking through each line of the fully charted stitch pattern as I knitted it. They're soft, and cuddly, and very very silly.

You know, though, I'm STILL not sure about that fancy schmancy yarn. It was pricy, it was luxe, but it still feels a little funny: slightly rough, very furry, and I can imagine that the stitch definition will disappear pretty quickly. (Watch out for the velcro on my favourite bag, yo.) My lovely lady friend has just finished some arm warmers in the alpaca silk that I gave her, and it's just that bit softer, just that bit crisper in texture. Also, less stripey and silly. Possibly, my verdict is that the yarn is a lovely idea, but... not so much in practice.

Then again, fluffy mittens! And the yarn lasted until the last two fingers of the second glove, so I have almost a whole ball left. I'm freehanding a cravat-type-thing to match the gloves. No particular reason...

The gloves had their first outing in the Centre Stage Bar last night, a tiny overdecorated dive that plays Las Vegas shows on the telly and has toile de joie wallpaper on the walls. I describe a very paradise? Well, it would be, did they not insist on keeping the door wide open. As it is, I was very, very glad of the fluffy warmth cuddling my fingers.


Bill said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them!

Kate said...

Happiest of birthdays!

Those gloves rock.

Life's a Stitch said...

I'm enamoured with self striping yarn. Just found a new one, I think it's called Mille Colori. Looks like the Rowan, but contains a bit of acrylic with the wool. I have my eye on it, not as pricey as Rowan, I think.

Life's a Stitch said...

Oops - and Happy Birthday!

la glitz said...

Thanks guys! Li, I've seen the Mille Colori - in fact, I think I bought a skein to play with. It is SO much fun knitting it up and seeing the stripes appear!