Friday, July 07, 2006

Desert Princess Jacket. Or not?

FO: Desert princess ajour-patterned jacket

Pattern: from Verena magazine. (They don't go in for cutesy names in German knitting magazines)

Yarn: Schoeller and Stahl Scooter, colour 9857, 4 1/2 balls

Needles: 5mm circs, manufacturer unknown

Pattern modifications: I was supposed to pick up and knit ribbed sleeves on, but alas! the jacket has become vast enough as it is, and I suspect the human frame could not support its weight if I were to do so.

Time sucked: One week. Minus the arms

Lesson learned: Swatch more sternly in future. It is too big. It is just too big. Snacky little bolero, not so much. On the other hand, I learned something fascinating about shrug construction, viz: a shrug is just a square of fabric, turned into a tube. No wonder they are so popular!

I do love it, despite its vastness. I will try wearing it out tonight, perhaps, and we will see what happens. Anyone have opinions on the sleeves?


Unknown said...

I think I found your blog from a link in the LJ Knitting community. I didn't realize you were in at first, though, until I saw the buildings in these pictures ("Hey, those ain't from around these parts!"). I was in Berlin in March of 1990 and fell in love with it. I hope your "visitors" aren't causing too much trouble during the world cup.

That Desert Princess is gorgeous, even if it did pass the Snacky Bolero stage. I wouldn't put sleeves on at this point; it looks great.

Unknown said...

Didn't realize you were in BERLIN at first.

Hello, not awake.

la glitz said...

Hey, thank you! The visitors are being nothing but enchanting for the world cup - and the locals aren't being bad either. it was more fun at the beginning of the championship, though, everyone's got a bit serious coming up to the finals.

Glitzy said...

!! How awesome! I have a transatlantic knitting twin :) Thanks for the comment and I will be visiting again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the comments on my elfine's socks!. We do have some awesome sock yarn here in the US, but you can have it too! (And with the euro to US dollar exchange being so good for you it'll be much cheaper!)

That bolero looks great! I'm with Kristen- no sleeves!

Unknown said...

Nice colour and great pattern! No sleeves indeed, its perfect like this!