Wednesday, July 05, 2006

desert princess jacket down, thousands of Anouks to go

So there she is, my desert princess ajour jacket, blocking on the sofa. What do you mean, it looks like a giant carpet to you? Tsk! I should have included something to give you an idea of the scale, butcurrently it's pretty huge, about sixty by seventy centimetres. I'm not blocking it too severely, because it turned out a little larger than the pattern measurements state.Somehow, this huge floppy piece of heavy cotton is going to be transformed into that delicious little jacket. Do you believe it? I'm not quite sure.

And this is the lace blocking, close up. I do love the strong geometric pattern, and it wasn't at all hard to learn. I'm still a bit bewildered by the choice of yarn, though. Heavy cotton worsted-weight shaggy yarn for lace? I don't know.


Next up: the Anouks! And here is where the fun bit comes in. I have a whole paintbox full of pastel cotton yarns, and I get to decide which colour combinations go to which baby. One gets the hot turquoise and orange combo on a pale blue background, one gets the more gentle floral set that cunningly uses up the rest of my sock yarn. Or not? I have rose and olive to play with still, after all. Decisions, decisions. Fun decisions.


Anonymous said...

Do I have to give birth again in order to get turquoise and orange knitting? I HATE baby knitting that comes in barely detectable shades, and now I feel I reproduced to early in your knitting life.

Anonymous said...

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