Wednesday, July 26, 2006

intarsia, bet into submission

Look! Look look look! That looks like intarsia, doesn't it? Complete with... horrible dangly ends. But still! I beat it! Tatjana, you were right: being over-zealous with chopping the yarn into tiny pieces is the way to defeat and humiliation. I carried the yarn over three whole stitches in some cases, and nothing terrible happened. Mind you, it still looks babyish. But I guess that's the point.


Anonymous said...

Hey, good job! I really like the colours and I know that intarsia isn't much fun! (well, I found a pattern about some latvian type of intarsia knitting that works pretty well but eats up your wool)... Can't wait to see the finished product!

Alexa said...

Blogger wouldn't let me repy by email, so I'll give you the details here. It's the Angelica top from Hip Knits ( If that's not the link, Google should show you the way.