Sunday, May 13, 2007

not scarlet, but orange

Ack, it has been a while. As ever, it feels as though there's been no knitting at all, and as ever, I find to my surprise that actually, I've been knitting almost without thinking in the holes of a really ridiculously busy fortnight. In fact, I've f'ed some o's, who would have thought? So first up:


orangina fini

Teeny tiny needles, endless ribbing, tough (though softer than usual) cotton: I finished it! But... I'm not sure. I really amn't. Everyone I read online said to make sure that I knitted it a size smaller than usual, so I did: this is an S, and I am definitely an M. And yet, look: I blocked it as narrow as I could, and there's still something slightly loose and baggy about it. Moreover, the nice scallops at the neck, which stick up sweetly in everyone ELSE'S version, don't seem to work on mine. My lovely lady friend says she thinks that perhaps the main problem is that the ribbing beings in the wrong place: nowhere near my natural waist, making me look a bit pointless-shaped. Perhaps. I don't know. It's not a complete disaster, but I'm not sure I'll be wearing this in public any time soon, either. (Even with a vest underneath.) What do you think?

Pattern: Glampyre's Orangina

Yarns: Rowan 4-Ply Cotton in a discontinued shade called Rosehip

Needles: 3 1/2mm circulars

Time sucked: A month or so

Pattern modifications: Not that many, really


Nuala said...

Honestly? Not very flattering. I'm not sure why, though I suspect the colour may be part of it - I had a look on flickr and the pattern seems to suit neutral tones better.

Shame. Cause the colour is great.

la glitz said...

Thanks for the honesty! It's a shame indeed, because that colour is amazing - and usually I like jewelly autumnal colours on me - but you're right, it's not quite right for the pattern. A shame indeed. Maybe with something underneath it it might be better?

Unknown said...

I think it's the way the vertical ribbing stretches out. The same thing happens on a grey top I knitted last spring. It's a shame because it looks like nice knitting. Maybe it would suit a more beanpole shaped person.