Sunday, May 14, 2006

Recycling is not just for yarn

Recycled jumper tote, using an old Penney's jumper. I have a horrendously low IQ, and spent hours last night trying to work out the spatial logistics of how to line the bag and which side to sew on. Nightmare, I tell you, but it gives the bag so much more structure. Also, it looks cuter.
Pattern: Made more or less according to the instructions for a recycled sweater tote given here, but with a square bottom, and lined.

old Penney's (Primark, for UK readers) lambswool stripey raglan, patchwork cotton for lining.

Time sucked:
Two somewhat frenzied evenings.

I like it. I wear it with pride.

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Kristen said...

That looks so neat, and I love the colors!