Friday, June 30, 2006


Is there anything more delicious than packages?

With, for example, shiny yellow cotton-viscose yarn, and pretty old-rose cotton yarn, and slightly dull-olive cotton yarn, and more shiny cotton- viscose baby-blue yarn... for example.

I had ordered the yarn in a slight rush of eBay madness, not quite knowing what I would do with it; colours never show up properly on eBay yarn photos, and I thought that green and pink and yellow sounded like colours that I could wear. When they arrived, though, they proved to be just as pastel as the photo had advertised.

Not quite suitable for a sophisticated adult knitter, then. But for the not one, not two, but THREE baby girls who have been born to my friends and family in the last month? Oh yes. And perhaps also for the little boy who is no longer a baby and has a birthday coming up this summer too? Yes indeed.

Now to go poring over baby patterns online. Not something I have ever done before, but I think it might well be fun. Does anyone have any good suggestions for pretty summer cotton dresses and jumpers? (I know that soakers are all the rage, but even the name of them makes me shudder. No no no. I'm not quite ready to face the messy squicky aspect of baby care yet.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi du,

ich hätt da 2 Ideen für Baby- Kleinkindkleidchen. Sind aus einem Sabrina- Special Baby. Könnte dir die Anleitungen schicken, wenn du sagst wohin. Außerdem würd ich gern mit dir Garn shoppen, kenn da nen echt tollen Laden in Kreuzberg (Fadeninsel). Meld dich doch einfach mal, bin morgen in Berlin.