Wednesday, June 14, 2006

random knitting link

From the Guardian:
Kick one, purl one. An unusually knit-positive article from the Guardian's World Cup blog. I especially like the article's focus on the positive values of knitting for men:

[...]And younger males concerned about the flak they may get from their mates need not worry.

A Knitter's Review forum dedicated solely to this kind of anxiety has Pamela Kite boasting how when her "closet knitter" sons went public they were hated by the other boys not because they knitted, but because they became the centre of all the girls' attention.

But I like Elsie's advice best: "I always encouraged [my son] to do things well, do it because you like it, and the hell with everyone's else opinions."
Oh yes, I like that. I'm not doing a Knitting World Cup, though: it's hardly as though I need any encouragement to knit ever faster and ever vaster.

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