Friday, June 16, 2006

The Cheapskate's Guide to Stash Enhancement

1. I hoped this was a recycled yarn score: hand-knitted charity shop jumper, with a gorgeous drape, made from a luscious heavy cotton/viscose (I think) yarn. In the shop, I think,Huzzah! One of those classy chic mixed-fibre German yarns will be mine as soon as I have unravelled the rather ridiculous 80s batwing shape!

But alas, alas, alas. This second picture shows the colour better, and may also give you some idea of the horror of the hand-stitching, all done in thread, not yarn. All the ends are SEWN in, and WORSE, when you manage to unravel them , the cotton becomes unplied from the viscose and aaaargh. Aaaargh, the horror. It took me six hours or so to do (don't worry, I fitted in some wine and flirtation while I was slaving), and I lost about a quarter of the yarn in the process. What to do with a small amount of heavy semi-ravelled viscose/cotton? Some kind of simple shrug, perhaps? Oh, I don't know.

2. Today I needed some proper stash enhancement to recover. Et voici: 100% cotton ggh Molina, on sale for €1.50 for 50g. I bought 250g, and that better be enough for a mini flirty vest top. The summer isn't getting any cooler, thank goodness.

Some day, I will be a proper rich grown-up, and will buy silks and angoras without count for the cost, won't I? Some day.


T. said...

I know why I'm a bit eeked out by the whole recycled sweater thing ... Oh, that and the lack of second-hand shops around here :-/

ironed orchid said...

At last, a definition of 'grown up' which makes sense.