Sunday, July 15, 2007

In which I learn a stern truth about life

Want to know my stern truth, O readers?

Sock yarn. It's gorgeous. It calls to you, Make gorgeous vests of me! Knit me into a fine lace shawl! Shower your wardrobe with my variegated beauty!

But you know what sock yarn is very, very best for?

Socks. Mm-hm. No more poor sad random camis for my Lorna's Laces, no. She's coming home to where she belongs. That said, she's quite the most expensive sock yarn I've ever bought, so nothing but the most beautiful pattern for her.

Pomatomotamus, Hippopotamus or... well, you know what it's really called. When this pattern first came out I thought to myself, "one day, when I'm a really clever knitter, I'll make that pattern. One day." Of course, that was nonsense. This pattern is beautifully written, clear and elegant, and fiendishly, fiendishly clever. You don't have to have any brain at all to follow it. The fiendishly clever one here is Cookie A. I tell you. This is an old pattern, so you've probably drooled over it already, but look, look at the clever heel flap:

with the scales of the pattern flowing into it. Beautiful.

I'd forgotten how wonderful socks are for taking the edge off. Small and manageable and elegant and so very silly. There's a lot of changes coming up ahead, and I need some truly beautiful socks to help me stride through them, I think.


Unknown said...

Your pomatomus looks dashing! Very nice pooling, too. Not overpowering, not scattered. Just there. :) Sweeeet.

Kate said...

Oh, what beautiful socks! I am in awe.

la glitz said...

Thank you so much, lovely ladies!

maryskid said...

Gorgeous yarn and such a wonderful job on the socks. I've not tried the pattern yet, but I want to!