Sunday, July 01, 2007

family knitting

What? What?! A whole month since I updated?

I have been knitting. Just not very fast. Good grief. How did that happen?

Anyway! The Rebecca bolero is knitted and blocking, ready for assembly.

angora bolero, blocking

Well, it fits the schematic. If any of you can offer any hints, any slight hints whatsoever, as to how on earth this strange polyhedron possibly turns into a garment, you know, those would be very welcome. Really. Any advice welcome!

So my next project...

cupboard of doom

Is somewhere in the bottom of this cupboard. Yes. Our house is on sale at the moment, and the yarn was hurriedly stashed away in order to give the house that Aspirational Urbanite as opposed to Crazy Knitting Lesbian Ladies look. It's in there, I know. Somewhere. I'm just not sure that my mental energies are equal to battling through it...

Remains only our old favourite, wild futureknitting fantasies. And while in a charity shop, my eyes alighted on a book called Family Book Of Knitting, gloriously and unabashedly from the 1980s. Classic knitting, I thought, hardly changes at all! Look at all the cute 1940s knitting patterns there are out there! I bet with a little change of colour, these patterns will look fresh and funky in a second!

And look at the cover pic. Very funky, non? I'm not about to knit quite that much fine-guage lurex, and boob tubes aren't really me, but this is pretty great, right?
And then... you open the book. And it is hard to figure out where the glory even starts. Let's start here, though, will we? Gilt-Edged Cardigan
Gilt-Edged Cardigan
Perfect for wearing with Bacofoil skirts! And for disguising ill-fitting bras! And... for matching wedding cakes? Yes. Maybe something with a waist?

Those of you who struggle with hair straightners, just think. One whisk of the time travel wand, and you too can tgravel back to 1983, where frizz is cultivated. That's true femininity, right there. Sure, it's a lot of stocking stitch for one skirt, but if it's going to give you milkmaid hips like that, who's complaining?
Paisley Skirt And Top
OK, you don't like the bunchy waisted look. It's dated. Family Book Of Knitting does have the answer though...
Mustard 'n' Dress
Look, with a trilby over your eyes, no-one will ever know it's you. That's got to be a comfort, right?


Anonymous said...

That bolero is folded in half, yes?

Anonymous said...

I looked closer at the photo, and, phew!, it _is_ folded in half.

la glitz said...

Oh yes, fear not, it is in half! My lovely lady friend claims she can already transform it into a 3-D object in her own mind's eye, but that's possibly why she's better at IQ tests than I am.

Unknown said...

That's why there's a difference between "vintage" and "old".

Good luck with your home sale. Are you changing locations in a drastic fashion?

la glitz said...

- though we're actually only renting the house. And yes, we're moving to England in a month! Scary!