Sunday, August 03, 2008

knitting and life changes


It has been a long time.

I have been to Chicago!

And I bought this:

And started on a long-lusted after project, this:

There was nearly a month knitting the middle section (two-row pattern repeat for 42", over and over), but I triumphed:

Look how glam and silky and grown-up it is!

I didn't wear anything handknit for this:

But I suddenly realised that I would need something rather special to keep my shoulders warm for this.

Two weeks ago, I looked out the window at the pounding rain, the cutting breeze, and realised with a start that the civilisation would be in three weeks, and that possibly it would not be the balmy and pleasant night predicted by me when buying my floaty, sultry dress. I might, actually, freeze. Have I knitted a stitch for this wedding? I have not. I frantically ransacked my stash for yarns that might just work, and suddenly remembered... years ago, the lovely Felinity came to visit me in the flateen, bearing with her a lovely gift of the pattern and yarns for a pair of gloves. I did try with those Frivolous Fingers: I knitted all the way up the arm of one, battled my way with the palm.. and then came to the fingers. I wailed, I cried, I tied the yarn in knots and then I threw the project across the room and scrumpled it into a corner, where it rested until yesterday. When I held the yarns up against my civilisation dress, and realised that.. it matched!

KSH: a dream to stroke, a bitch to knit with. But I strugged on with bamboo DPNS, ripped back once as I realised I made the wrong size, and finally, the Rosy civilisation shrug, designed by the magic Aileen, is finished! But you will have to wait until next week to see photos of it in its full wedding glory.

(I am so excited. So excited! You can't imagine!)


Anonymous said...

Your Juno Regina is fabulous. I love those colours.

So excited about the impending civilization. Please post a million pictures once you are recovered from the celebrating and the pictures from friends and family start pouring in.

Prof. Askey said...

Congratulations! I hope it all goes down well, with much wine and song and no rain. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Did we unwittingly cross paths whilst in Chicago?!

Can't wait to see the completed Rosy! Am delighted and honoured you're knitting it for such an auspicious occasion :D

la glitz said...

Gretchen and Prof. Askey - thanks! A photo has duly been posted. And Aileen - alas no, I was in Chicago a month before you were, and got no good photos with the Bean. But I did stroke a lot or yarn!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog somehow, and just love your Juno Regina. It is lovely! Congratulations on your ceremony as well!

la glitz said...

Travellersyarn - thank you so much!