Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rebecca! How could you do this to me!

This is my first ever no-photo post, and it is just to say AARGH! Rebecca! How could you do this to me! For the very first time I am utterly let down by one of your designs! I love your wrap-style jumper. The body looks unusual but sexy and stylish. But the arms! The first time I put on the jumper, I had to put it on over my bra alone, for no t-shirt would fit underneath those circulation-destroying arms. And for a deep-V jumper, that's not a good look. Small body translated to neat fit on a medium me; small arms were like something from a bustle dress circa 1890, you know the ones that ladies had to be sewn into. So I knit a medium sleeve. Which just about met around my wrist, but I wouldn't swear that a t-shirt would have fitted underneath the armpit either. And now, I am finally after finishing a LARGE sleeve to fit on a SMALL jumper, and if it doesn't fit after knitting FOUR sleeves for it I'll, I'll, I'll make a hat of the whole project, so I will. BAH.

Oh OK, I feel guilty about not having a picture. Look! Conkers! Autumn is here with a vengeance, and where is my warm jumper, eh?


Radegund said...

My god, but you're persistent! Are you getting gauge on the sleeves?

Unknown said...

This is why designers shouldn't be allowed to smoke crack. It skews the sizing curve for those of us who don't.

I grew up in the Buckeye state (Ohio), and that there is a buckeye. Maybe on Other Continents, people like to conk each other with them, but we prefer to make candy that looks like buckeyes. Simple recipe, perfect for when you're asked to bring a dish to a party or reunion.

JustMe said...

I love the picture of the Rebecca sweater in the magazine and have already considered knitting it myself. Now I am not so sure any more. Cute color, though!