Saturday, April 14, 2007

instant sun top!

Ever woken up to sun, glorious sun, and wished that you had a brand-new hand-knitted top to swank around in, without actually having to knit it?
violet sun
Ta da! Just overdye an old one, and swank away! Well, swank away happily until you look at the photos and realise quite how much non-toned tummy is on view. Whoops. Just as well I knitted that extra round of lace edging the first time, no? It's last year's Soleil, overdyed in violet because, well, I just couldn't get my head around that mottled ducks-egg thing that the top had going on. Whereas violet is rock. Just to make sure that no-one mistakes me for a goth, I'm being sure to accessorise with rainbow belt and scholarly own. It's a queer-tastic purple vest top, not gothy purple lace, OK?

You are all, by the way, to be admiring HOW MUCH MY HAIR HAS GROWN in the year in between, OK? It's hard work, growing my wimpy hairs, I can tell you. A full time occupation.

And then I wandered out in the gorgeous spring sunshine to This is Knit's new shop in Blackrock, to drool and admire Lisa and Jacqui's gorgeous new premises. They recognised me as soon as I went in! Even though I've been in Northern exile for so long! That's knitting community for you. The shop is absolutely lovely, and so are the Lorna's Laces yarns. I have a job now, and I had to succumb, if only for the fun of using the ball winder:
lorna's laces
Then down to the beach for a bit to gaze over Dublin Bay into eternity, while waiting for the train. I love my city. Lorna's Laces-enabling job or not, I can't wait to be back.


Anonymous said...

Funky top! Purple is definitely the way to go methinks. Hey if you want my hair, you're welcome to it. I can't afford to get it cut and it grows like grass. Grass on miracle-gro... and speed...
Glad to see you splashing out on the Good Stuff aka lorna's laces :D

Anonymous said...

The top doesn't look at all gothy, I think, So nothing to worry about (just don't wear a black velvet full length skirt with it :)

Dublin has been lovely the last few days, hasn't it.

ms bias said...

Aw, the Soleil picture is making me all Berlin-sick! Look at our lovely balcony! Beautiful Gräfestr.

But Dublin summer yay. xxx!