Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the first day of spring, the first day of lace

Look at this!
second tie
Yes, I know it's a dark and obscure little photo. The point is, it's the last tie for Ivy. And that when this is done, I will have all the pieces finished, and will only have to sew it up, and it will be DONE. I have a few wibbles about the size of the pieces - my shoulder decreases on the sleeves would and would not work out, no matter how I tried, so I have a feeling it'll be a little bit puff sleeved - no bad thing in itself, right? But in general, it's going to be a slim slim cardigan in this season's silver, and of course youse are right, I am going to keep it silver for as long as metallics are in style. Next winter it can preen as an all-new violet or green garment; for now, it can stay as it is.

The ties are actually quite painless, particularly if you knit them on DPNS, rather than wrestling with a big long circular that engages in intimate embraces with a long dangling string of knitting. Zip! Zip! Watch this spot!

Last week, you may remember that the heavens were shining, I was trying on new green sandals, and spring was in the air. The soft red cotton of Orangina called to me, and I cast on. Oh, luxe yarns! This is the nicest cotton I have ever knit with, for real: soft and non-splitty and with amazing definition, definitely and definitely worth the extra you pay for Rowan if you don't get it at a bargain price off eBay. Go Rowan.

orangina 1

So I sat on the train, and chatted about politics and poetry, and the train sped ever-northwards, and the wind blew stronger, and flurries of snow started dancing alongside the window, and now it is about zero degrees and all thoughts of pretty light cotton lace seem as folly and vainglory. Oh well. I made a start.

orangina 2

My thoughts are also turning towards that vintage chocolate Langora yarn, and I suddenly was caught by the thought that I haven't yet made a long-armed shrug, and that those are actually perfect for this season's dresses and the breezy Irish weather. But are shrugs completely, utterly, indelibly over, friends? Do you know? What do you think? Would you ever speak to me again if I knitted a shrug?


Anonymous said...

You were so lucky with that Rowan!

I say go for the shrug. I don't know if they're still 'fashionable' but they seem pretty useful to wear with the cute dresses around. I never wanted to knit a shrug until I saw this one recently:

Unknown said...

I still see people in shrugs. I think they look pretty with dresses.

I love the Ivy, and am glad you decided to leave it silver for the time being.

Alice said...

Who cares whether shrugs are in or out? As long we wear an item with a lot of confidence (and a little style wouldn't go amiss), we can get away with anything. For what my opinion is worth, I think shrugs are jolly practical and look rather fab. Unless you're wearing them without the confidence and the style, and then they can look quite naff (like anything else, really).

I knitted an Orangina and it was very pleasing. I like the colour of yours, and isn't the cotton wondrous!

Anonymous said...

I don't think shrugs are really out... at least I hope not - I'm writing a pattern (to sell for real money) for one right now!!!

Great orangina btw, I'm really curious to see how it'll turn out. I've been thinking about making one myself.