Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fame! Fortune! And the strange phenomenon of the Irish Sunday

Hello, dear readers! Many apologies for my neglect and absence over the last while. Work, work has been crazy, and the secrets of Christmas knitting cannot be posted to the internet. But in lieu of my own content, I bring you Seventh Day Evangelists, the feature featuring my glamorous self, knitting away in a vapid fashion. Enjoy...

The feature as a whole is most peculiar: it is ostensibly on "people who do freaky things of a Sunday". Besides my good knitting self, there is someone who plays sports, someone who accompanies her daughter to dancing competitions, and yes, a plane spotter. Imagine! The eccentricity! Playing sport of a Sunday! Have you ever heard the like?

I'm not quite sure how I made knitting sound quite so dull, but oh well. Hopefully the feature will amuse some of you. And now, back to the Christmas knitting: I'm up against the wire here, people.


Anonymous said...

Hey there - just saw the article yesterday! Congrats! :)

My Dad picked up on the weird and wonderful aspect and was trying to crack jokes about knitting (all in good fun). THEN I showed him the next page "Aviation Enthusiast" (which he is) and it turns out he knows the guy in the article!

Ireland really is a small place...

If I don't see you before Christmas have a great one. :)


la glitz said...

Thanks, Lisa! I did actually mention This is Knit several times in interview, and said that it was spearheading the knitting revival in Ireland, but none of that made it into the article... maybe it would have counted as advertising? But I did try!

That's really funny about your father. Ireland truly is a hilarious place.