Saturday, November 25, 2006

the trouble with the world

Oh yes and! My Falling Leaves socks were the only hand-knitted pair that were clean for me to bring to Edinburgh, thus leaving me in the peculiar position of at once bragging and apologising for them. Look at my LACE SOCKS! I knitted them myself, you know! Aren't I clever? But, um, the colour's crap, and I hate them. The yarn was a mistake, a mistake, a mistake.

On my return home, I realised that this was all stupid. What is the point of hand-knitting items that make you feel sad when you look at them? I have worn the socks several times since their completion, so I couldn't exactly give them as a present to someone else. No, what was wrong with the socks, I realised, was what is wrong with a lot of the world in general:

Just Not Pink Enough.

Hooray for Dylon. And yes, it's a bit silly spending €3 on dye for a pair of socks, but they make me happy instead of sad to look at, now. Also, you can see the lace pattern just a smidgen better, now they are darker. And furthermore, they now look rocking with my favourite pair of shoes this season, my new anthracite-grey Birkenstock felt clogs:

Now, we all know what The Manolo thinks of Birkenstock clogs. They are decidedly not superfabulous. But neither is winter, and neither is knitting, and yet together the three make a wonderfully comforting combination. Sorry, Maestro. And after all, if they do "look like it was put together by the blind medieval monks, for wear by the peasants of the mud", the Maestro also says, "if you insist on wearing these ugly shoes, be certain to wear the wooly socks of grey for the full effect." Why yes! I just might!

Superfabulous can wait till Christmas. In the meantime, I will sport the Certain Cachet of the bohemian.


megan said...

The Manolo can shove his distaste for Birkenstock clogs where the sun shines not, because they are awesome and I adore yours.

Also, the pink was EXACTLY what your socks needed. They look fabulous with your clogs.

Jenn said...

The socks look GREAT now that they are pink, didnt even recognize them at first! :) Was worth the 3euro me thinks to give you a pair of socks you love. :) The birkenstocks look really nice and comfy too, I love shoes like that. :)

la glitz said...

Awww! Youse have the pink love too! Thank you so much for sharing my enthusiasm!

And I am comforted to be backed up against the diktats of the Style God. Thing is, I completely agree with him on the subject of cheap shoes... just not on cute clogs. Which are, I might point out, Mr. Manolo, not cheap at all.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Perfect! And it's interesting that it's sorted out the invisible-lace problem, too, given that the variegation is still there. Hmm. When I was a kid, we used to call things like that "hol(e)y socks" and find it amusing to wear them to church.

la glitz said...

Hee, Kate, so did we! Except that I think I was a bit confused as to the separate meanings of holey and holy, and thought that I had extra-pious ankles when I wore those socks to church.

ms bias said...

They were known as virgin socks at my schools, and anyone caught wearing them over the age of nine was the object of great scorn, as it meant that they were probably a VIRGIN.