Friday, October 20, 2006

FO Friday

Look! LOOK! Finally, I have an FO to get off my damned sidebar. If only I were like the inimitable Aileen and could promise you an FO a week (except that, to my tender ears, that sounds much more as though I were promising you a fuck-off every week instead of a decorous and ladylike knitted garment. Who makes up these abbreviations, anyway?)

But after a year on the needles, I present, FINALLY:

FO: Debbie Bliss tweed biker jacket

Pattern: Debbie Bliss biker jacket, from the tweed collection (capital letters not included: this is a high-end English product, and capital letters appear to have been banned for all aspirational brands across the water.)

Yarn: Vintage Sunbeam Lux Tweed Canterbury alpaca/tweed aran mix, 500g; cuffs, collar and waistband knitted in Tivoli luxury aran tweed, 50% wool, 21% acrylic, 20% alpaca, 9% viscose, 100g. SO soft and snuggly, all of it. Here's the vintage yarn pre-knitting: the colour of it is truer here than in the first photo.

Needles: 5 mm circular for the body, 5 1/2 for the bands

Pattern modifications: Apart from not using the recommended yarn? But since when do I do that? I grafted the shoulder seams instead of sewing them up. And I am never sewing shoulder seams again, what's more.

Time sucked: Mensch, who can tell? I'm a year from cast-on to sewing on the last popper, but how long in total? I think knitting the pieces didn't take too long, back in the mists of last winter, but who remembers that far back?


Oh my GOD, do I ever have a verdict! So much so, that you get BULLET POINTS...
  • Yarn: the yarns are gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. Much, much nicer that the Debbie Bliss tweed, which has no alpaca and therefore is not half as fluffy. This Sunbeam stuff knits up into a really solid, cosy fabric, which makes the jacket much more structured, rather than a cardigan. Which is perfect, really. Look, here are the real colours again, even if the photo is silly and blurry:

  • Pattern: NEVER, NEVER AGAIN. This is a commercial pattern from one of the biggest brands in British knitting, right? Then why the hell is it so hard to provide a schematic? There is none. None at all. And the finished measurements listed aren't at all sufficent to draw up your own.

    More, the finishing instructions were minimal. The sleeves ended up larger than the holes for them; my lovely lady friend, who is a tailor, informed me (through my tears of rage and fury) that this is standard for jackets, and that I had to gather the extra fabric in at the top of the armhole. Then, elsewhere on the net, I read that some people sewed the extra fabric along the body seams. Again, who can tell? I am not convinced about the sleeves as they are, I have to say. But then, it is a biker jacket, isn't it? they are supposed to be bomber shape, and funnily enough, this is precisely the season of the bell, billowing or slim sleeve, but most definitely not bomber jacket shape.

  • Overall: It's a biker jacket! In fluffy purple tweed! It's butch! It's femme! It's a classic! It's utterly square and hopelessly out of fashion! It fits perfectly around the body! It fits weirdly around the arms! It's a gorgeous dense fabric! It's particoloured! It's... oh, I dunno. It's finished. The proof will be in the wearing, right?


felinity said...

Hooray! I remember when it was started, and it is just as fabulous finished as I expected it to be! Clever clever glitz, despite the hassle of the daft pattern with no schematic.

I am going to post about my own FO tomorrow, honest. I had a moment of pure GENIUS last night when I got back drunk in the middle of the night and was staring at myself wearing my latest FO wondering what wasn't quite right, but said genius needs a little bit of concentration tomorrow (sober concentration) before I can see whether it will really, truly work. But once that's done, and assuming G is willing to be photographer, many many photos will arrive.

In the meantime, gosh you are so inspiring with your speedy knitting and excellent garments and gorgeous scarfs. I love my crafty friends. x

Unknown said...

Congratulations on having effed an O. I do think the yarn knit up into a suitable fabric for a biker jacket, but you're right - if I'm writing a pattern where the arms are supposed to be larger than the armholes, I'm going to put a note in there to soothe the frayed nerves of my knitters. And I'll draw up a schematic.

Especially if I'm supposed to be good at writing patterns.

Jenn said...

I just recently found your blog but have been waiting for you to finish thisand showit off, looks GREAT! even love the two colours you ended up using.

glitterboy1 said...

That looks great - and so do you!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

That looks incredible, well done:)
amber in Scotland

Anonymous said...

So glad to read your comments on this pattern - I've been struggling for three years to finish it and was about to set the whole damn thing on fire. Instead I shall unstitch the sleeves and ease them over the shoulder.

Thank you - your words have helped! BTW - does FO mean finished object? And any ideas on what TNT and UFO means?

la glitz said...

Thanks, Georgeina - I have to confess that, two years on, I never actually wore the jacket, and ended up donating it to a charity shop... the shape of the sleeves was just too peculiar. But I hope it works out for you!

UFO is UnFinished Object, but TNT? Your guess is as good as mine!