Saturday, January 27, 2007

this one go chunk

A small cold moment on a freezing January afternoon gives me the perfect opportunity to finally show off my triumph:

FO: Bulky Cabled Cardigan

bulky cabled cardigan
Pattern: Glampyre's Bulky Cabled Sweater

Yarns: Tivoli Chunky Tweed, 100% wool, in shade 755, and a random ball of Tivoli Chunky yarn, also 100% wool, in navy.

Needles: 8mm, 7mm and 5 1/2 mm Addi Turbos

Time sucked Probably about a week and a half

Pattern modifications: Ah. Yes. Several. For one thing, I didn't get gauge, but then I didn't expect to, and a top-down raglan is reasonably flexible. For another, if you follow that link, you will notice that Glampyre's snappy original has the ribbing right on the waist, creating a nipped-in silhouette, despite the bulkiness of the overall design. By contrast, you will notice that "nipped-in silhouette" is not quite the way you would use to define my version. "Vast, shapeless mass", perhaps. But I have, you see, a fondness for long floaty tops, and fashion demands, still, low-slung jeans. None of the cardigans that I own actually cover that crucial strip between top and jean, over the kidneys, and you know? it's January. So I knitted on and on and on.

back cabled cardigan

But it worked. Also, I knitted it in reverse stocking stitch rather than in garter stitch, for that tiny bit more structure; given that this isn't precisely the most structured of garments, I'm glad I did.


: I DO love it, in all its shapeless glory. Already, the weight of the chunky wool is beginning to tell, and it is becoming more and more an off-the-shoulder cardigan, and a draggy-around-the-hips cardigan. Elegant, it ain't, and I think it'll require a scarf for full body insulating purposes. But oh, it's WARM, and it's generously sized, and the colour is fun, and in general, although I feel slightly bashful about wearing such a classically hand-knitted looking lumpy garment... it's all good. It's warm. It's dancy!

action cabled cardigan

Next up will have to be a very fine knit. But where, oh where will it be knitted? Finally my news: I'm moving to Northern Ireland for a new job next week, so will be in parts foreign and peculiar for four months. No more This is Knit! No more raging at Hickey's! (And of course, no more lovely lady friend, BOOO.) But at least I will now only pay local postage on online knitting orders from the UK. There's got to be some upside, right?


Unknown said...

I like it a lot. It looks *so* comfy and warm (well, yeah, aside from the neck area), and the color is good for winter: not gloomy, but not gaudy.

I'm jealous! I want a sweater, but I'm in a sock phase right now.

Jenn said...

I think the cardi looks fab! And lets not forget to mention warm! :)

gilraen said...

There are also yarn shops in N Ireland. I know what you mean about the postage though! Beautiful cardi :)